Uncanny X-Force Week: Welcome

One year ago, something awesome happened: the first issue of Sam Humphries’ Uncanny X-Force was released.  To say we instantly adored it, wouldn’t fully express how much we loved that first issue and every issue since.  We had no idea how much we would end up looking forward to it each month when we put together that initial What Are You Wearing? post to coincide with the title’s launch.  It’s become a book that we spend far too much time telling each other how perfect it is, and how we often feel like it was tailor made for us.  From featuring one of the most diverse teams in comics (including our girl Betsy!), to storylines that cover basically every end of the spectrum, to delving into who the characters really were — we loved every last bit.

Because the comic gods have seen fit to rip this book from our grasp (yes, we’re being dramatic), we’re honouring its end in the only way we know how: by dedicating this entire week to all things Uncanny X-Force. So here’s to Psylocke and Storm and Puck and Spiral and Bishop and Demon Bear and Sam Humphries, all the artists and colorists, and the editorial staff who made this book a reality.  Nothing will be able to replace you on our pull list every month.

Bria and Lin

MONDAY [WAYW] It Was Your Heart On The Line — Psylocke
TUESDAY [INSPO] What Would Cluster Wear?
WEDNESDAY [INSPO] Style Like Fantomex
THURSDAY [INSPO] Fashion Finds — Ororo Munroe / Storm II
FRIDAY [WAYW] It Was You All Along — Betsy & Cluster