[COS] Project: Get In The Giant Robot!! Part 1

Less than a month to Katsucon? No problem, it’s not like I made a blood pact to cosplay Kaworu Nagisa’s materially impossible plugsuit from Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo. Afterall, my friend Lionel Lum is only going to be showcasing his EVA cockpit again and Kaworu is only basically my reigning prince of light-haired anime heatbreaks so everything needs to be on point and as perfect as perfect can be.

So let’s see what we’ve got so far for this progress report:


progress_kaworu_03 progress_kaworu


Hm, I can see where the problem would be.

To be honest, patterning out the plugsuit was one of the biggest tasks for me — I had yet to perfect my bodysuit pattern from past superhero ventures due to frustrating fit errors, and I figured this was the time to do it. Considering I clotheslined my friend into Asuka Langley, it only seemed fair that I helped with hers as well, so patterning variant plugsuit bases for us seems like the least I could do, i.e. grabbing an easy commercial pattern of an inset sleeve and frankensteining it together with what I had.

(Notice Asuka’s purple and red vinyl piled on top of Kaworu’s navy. It’s a good pile.)

At this point, the plugsuit is a basic matte black vinyl awaiting it’s navy vinyl components and a very strange pile of disparate fabric and craft foam armour pattern pieces. So of course I next tackle cutting and styling the wig, and a makeup test.

I hate cutting wigs. Still unsatisfied and will return to it.

Contact lenses are the Super Pinky Bright Red; makeup base is Mehron’s Celebré Pro HD Make-Up in Eurasian Ivory.  Hopefully by next installment, there will be some more plugsuit to show. In the meantime, enjoy this embarassing little display of stargazing glory: