[WAYW] Widow Week: The Longest Winter II — Natasha Romanova



With a nod toward her femme fatale of Tales of Suspense past, nothing says spy game like all black against snowy bright backdrop to really confuse the enemy. But channeling Black Widow on a fashion front is like crushing winter beneath your combat heel, and I’m happy to oblige.

Reversible Skater Dress (Top): Black Milk Clothing
Velvet Jacquard Skirt: Innocent World
Black Widow Buckle; Belt: DIY, Forever 21
Gold Bracers: Forever 21
Cat Ear Beret, Gun Print Nylons, Asuka Pins: Ebay
Ankle Boots: Storets






This week’s launch of leading lady Natasha Romanova in her own Marvel Now! title pleases us greatly, and we’re kicking off the new year by going Black Widow for the celebratory Widow Week, hosted by the ever excellent Fuck Yeah, Black Widow of dot tumblr dot com.