[INSPO] What Would Black Widow Wear?

We’re continuing our celebration of Widow Week with the question we always like to ask here at White Hot Room: Would Would Black Widow Wear?  But first!  Black Widow #1 is out in comic stores everywhere and available for digital purchase today so go get yourself a copy and read it!  We’ll wait.

Read it?  Enjoyed it?  Drooled over Phil Noto’s art?  Okay, good.

A former Russian super spy and now a staple member of the Avengers, the Black Widow is a lady that you remember (unless, of course, she doesn’t want you too.)  Gorgeous and lethal, no one rocks black quite like Natasha Romanova.  Elegant would be a good word here.

We’ll start off with this fantastic jacket by Atelier Versace.

BlackWidow AtelierVersace Fall2013 Look9

If there’s one thing that a top notch spy has a lot of in her wardrobe, it’s elegant little black dresses and Natasha definitely has those in spades.  Either of these Oscar de la Renta dresses might make an appearance in her closet.  (It’s definitely the addition of the black leather gloves to the dress on the left that sell the entire look as Nat!)

BlackWidow Oscar de la Renta FallRTW2013 Look14 BlackWidow Oscar de la Renta FallRTW2013 Look3

Black may be an excellent signature colour but Lanvin would be a good choice for when black is not on the menu.

BlackWidow Lanvin FallRTW2013 Look34

A woman walks into a room in this Elie Saab, you know she means business.

BlackWidow Elie Saab FallRTW2013 Look1

There’s just something about this Dolce and Gabbana that made me think of Natasha.

BlackWidow Dolce&Gabbana FallRTW2013 Look42

Same thing goes for this Ann Demeulemeester.

BlackWidow Ann Demeulemeester FallRTW2013 Look7

Let’s add a little edge to this conversation with these looks by Christopher Kane.

BlackWidow Christopher Kane FallRTW2013 Look18 BlackWidow Christopher Kane FallFTW2013 Look26

Of course, a girl has to veer more towards practicality some times but there’s no need to give up style. (Thanks Rocha!)

BlackWidow Rochas FallRTW2013 Look16

We have a tradition around here of wrapping these shows up with fabulous Elie Saab gowns and who are we to fly in the face of tradition?

BlackWidow Elie Saab FallRTW2013 Look49 BlackWidow Elie Saab FallRTW2013 Look37


All pictures taken from Style.com

This week’s launch of leading lady Natasha Romanova in her own Marvel Now! title pleases us greatly, and we’re kicking off the new year by going Black Widow for the celebratory Widow Week, hosted by the ever excellent Fuck Yeah, Black Widow of dot tumblr dot com.