[INSPO/DIY] Legolas Hair Tutorial

The Hobbit Part 2 is out in theatres everywhere today, huzzah!  To wrap up our week of Middle Earth Celebrations, we’ve got a brand new hair tutorial for you, this time featuring everyone’s favorite blonde elf prince; Legolas!


 I’ve been doing a simplified version of this hairstyle since I was 12 and was torn between wanting to be as cool as him and totally crushing on him.  (Oh come on, ladies: like at least half of you weren’t there too.)

What You’ll Need: A brush and four skinny hair elastics


Step 1: Brush out your hair and pull it back into a half pony tail, leaving about an inch of hair on either side right about your ears.







Step 2: Take the hair left out above your ear on one side and begin French braiding it back around your ear.







Step 3: Once you’ve braided back and part of the way around your ear, just do a simple braid for the rest.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat for the other side.






Step 5: Move the bottom part of your hair out of the way.  Take the half ponytail and split into two even sections.







Step 6: Fishtail braid until you are about halfway down.  If you’re unfamiliar with fishtail braiding, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that should help you out but the basic idea is that you take a very small section of hair from the bottom of one half and bring it up and around and have it join the other half and just repeat this back and forth.



And that’s all there is to it!





As always, feel free to ask us any questions or tweet us/tag us on tumblr if you try out the hairstyle for yourself!