[WAYW] Wise Ravenclaw at Work – Harry Potter


It can be tricky to express your geekiness through your clothes when you can’t wear something that’s blatantly geeky.  I recently started an office job where the dress code is definitely professional so my usual geeky outfits don’t quite cut it.  I’ve been looking for a solution ever since.  Luckily, I found this awesome navy and silver dress recently that’s definitely in the professional vein.  Me being me, my brain automatically went to ‘RAVENCLAW AWW YEAH’.


Thank you to Heather of Zhobot for the photography!

Navy/Silver Dress: Calvin Klein
Silver Cardigan: Express
Grey Heels: Nine West

PS: You can probably totally expect to see more posts like these in the future because if I have to adhere to a professional dress code 5/7 days of the week then I’m going to find a way to have fun with it!



wayw_bria_rc03 wayw_bria_rc02