[INSPO] What Would Katniss Everdeen Wear?

We’re continuing our celebration of Catching Fire’s release this week with some Hunger Games posts.  Today, we’re asking ourself ‘What Would Katniss Everdeen Wear?’

This one was actually kind of fun because there’s a built in mechanism for approaching this.  The Capitol gives each tribute a stylist for the Hunger Games and Cinna is paired with Katniss.  Katniss herself is very much not inclined towards wearing fancy clothing or the pomp and circumstance that comes with it all.  So almost all of the looks included here are either looks I could see her wearing during the pre-Games, the Victory Tour, or during events when she’s back in District 12 and yet needs to be presentable.

We’ll start with this gorgeous Christian Siriano dress.

Katniss Christian Siriano FallRTW2013 Look32

One thing that Katniss has always had has been a great looking leather jacket to wearing while hunting.  This 3.1 Phillip Lim one looks like a fashionable upgrade for it.

Katniss 3.1 Phillip Lim SpringRTW2014 Look16

Both of these pieces by Daniel Vosovic and Anna Sui respectively feel like something might be a bit of a compromise between Cinna and Katniss when it comes to wearing things around the house in her District.  They’re casual enough to remind people that she’s from one of the outer districts without looking too sloppy.

Katniss Daniel Vosovic SpringRTW2014 Look5 Katniss Anna Sui SpringRTW2014 Look34

Another might be this dress by Issa.

Katniss Issa SpringRTW2014 Look11

She’d probably be a bit more keen on something like this cool look by Versace

Katniss Versace SpringRTW2014 Look5

This next look by Alessandra Rich is probably something more in line with what Primrose or their mother might wear but it felt relevant enough to include here.

Katniss Alessandra Rich SpringRTW2014 Look5

I don’t know what it is in particular but something about this dress by Giambattista Valli reads Katniss to me.

Katniss Giambattista Valli SpringRTW2014 Look9

When she’s back in the Capitol, I could definitely see Cinna expanding into jumpsuits like this one by Zuhair Murad.

Katniss Zuhair Murad SpringRTW2014 Look8

Look!  It’s the Girl on Fire and then the Smoldering Cinders and Ashes that follow!  (Both pieces by Saint Laurent.)

Katniss Saint Laurent SpringRTW2014 Look19 Katniss Saint Laurent SpringRTW2014 Look1

As is tradition around here, we’ll finish up with a pretty dress like this Christian Siriano one that’s just reminiscent enough of a moving flame for Katniss to wear to a party in the Capitol.

Katniss Christian Siriano FallRTW2013 Look21

All pictures taken from Style.com