[INSPO] Accessorize Like The Warriors Three

Thor 2 is out in theatres today and so continues our celebration of Asgard!  Today, it’s all about the Warriors Three: Thor’s friends who are there with him through everything thick and thin.  Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg definitely don’t get enough love so we’re taking a fashionable look at them today when it comes to accessories.  (And boy oh boy are we always willing to go to bat for them.)

For Fandral, green and gold are your key colours and you can never go wrong with some sort of sword decoration.  Plenty of black and dark blue is good for Hogun and I just couldn’t resist that fur earmuff headband.  For Volstagg, get plenty of pink and yellow and if you can find a feather headband, that will make the entire look so much better.


Fandral: ASOS Cage Belt + AV Max Sword Earrings + Steve Madden Gloves
Hogun: Horn Bracelet + Nordstrom Plaid Scarf + Jennifer Ouellette Sophia Earmuff
Volstagg: Feather Barrette + Dooney & Bourke Hobo + Anthropology Bib Necklace