[INSPO] What Would Daenerys Targaryen Wear?

We’re flying straight back to Westeros and the nations beyond as we ask what yet another Game of Thrones character would wear from today’s high fashions!  Today, we’re focusing on Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen; Khaleesi and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and a heck of a lot of other titles I won’t repeat here because I’m not Ser Jorah.

Dany is one of the characters with a more varied look.  We first see her as a princess in exile, then as a Khaleesi, and then Queen without a country who fights in whatever arena she must for her people.  It’s resulted in us seeing her in many different fabrics and styles which means this post was fun to pull together without the limitations of colours and/or plunging necklines.

We’ll start with this effortlessly flowing dress by Zuhair Murad.

Daenerys ZuhairMurad Resort2014 Look14

While we didn’t get to see the typical Qartheen gowns on the screen, this dress by Reem Acra certainly invokes the asymmetrical bare-breasted look that makes them so distinctive.

Daenerys Reem Acra SpringRTW2014 Look27

Of course, we can’t neglect her heritage as the heir to House Targaryen with these two looks by Vionnet and Valentino in its colours.

Daenerys Vionnet Fall2013 Look6 Daenerys Valentino Fall2013 Look42

We’ve seen Dany wear a few barely there gowns, mostly notably the lavender one during the first episode.  Therefore these two dresses by Julien Macdonald seem appropriate.

Daenerys Julien Macdonald SpringRTW2014 Look28 Daenerys Julien Macdonald SpringRTW2014 Look2

As Khaleesi, she wore outfits that were much more appropriate for a queen of a nomad nation that appeared much rougher and of less fine quality than her previous gowns.  This look by Hermes invokes that look while still remaining high fashion.

Daenerys Hermes SpringRTW2014 Look28

Fire cannot kill a dragon.  Sacai agrees.

Daenerys Sacai SpringRTW2014 Look9

This Elie Saab gown is another that just has a gorgeous flow to it plus the background of the fabric almost looks like dragon scale.

Daenerys ElieSaab FallRTW2013 Look22

This Zuhair Murad gown with its gorgeous and interesting cutouts feels very appropriate for a Targaryen.

Daenerys Zuhair Murad SpringRTW2014 Look2

A look that feels casual with a hint of badass and that also has a colour scheme that makes you think of fire like this one by Gucci is definitely appropriate for Dany.

Daenerys Gucci SpringRTW2014 Look3

If you’ve seen any of these posts before, you know how we like to wrap things up.  So for our finale, have this gorgeous geometric gown by Zuhair Murad that’s absolutely fit for a princess and a queen.

Daenerys ZuhairMurad Fall2013 Look42

All pictures taken from Style.com