Last Minute Closet Cosplay For Halloween

Halloween is a mere three days away and hey, if you haven’t gotten your costume together yet?  No judgment from us.  (We promise you that we are the Queens of finishing costumes at the last minute.)  Sadly, Halloween stores tend to not have the best options especially if you’re a woman.  This close to the big holiday, your only options might be between sexy banana, sexy Elmo, and sexy crayon.  Or maybe you just don’t want to spend $40+ on something you’ll wear once.

The good news is that you probably have everything you need for a geeky Halloween costume right in your closet already!  We’re just here to help you along with a few ideas.

Option 1: Hogwarts Student

This one is pretty simple and chances are, you’ve seen people pull this together for midnight premieres for years.  What you need is simple: a white button down blouse and a black skirt (pleated or knee length is best and then knee socks) or black dress pants are the base.  From there, you’ve got some options.  If you can find an official Hogwarts house tie, you’re set!  If not, just look for a tie that has the right colours and then get yourself a wand.  Instant Hogwarts Student!  There are plenty of “upgrades” you can do too such as a black/dark grey sweater, knee socks that match your tie/house colours, or even a cloak if you have one so just remember that the sky is totally the limit here!.

Option 2: MCU SHIELD Agent

Get a basic black government suit and some shades.  Look like you mean business.  If you’re really serious about it, make an eyepatch and run around telling everyone that you’d like to talk to them about the Avengers Initiative.

Option 3: Rogue

If you have or can find a white hair streak, this one’s easy as pie and you’ll even get to stay warm because that girl covers up.  You’ve got plenty of wiggleroom here for what you wear but you should definitely wear some green.  Green and yellow is good and so is green and black.  Got a brown jacket?  Throw that one.  The most important piece is definitely a pair of gloves though.

Option 4: Mako Mori


Just when you thought we were going to shut up about Pacific Rim…  No such luck.  (Who are we kidding?  We’ll never shut up about that movie.)  Lin’s even got a full tutorial up for you.

Option 5: Newt Geiszler

KEEPING WITH THE GIANT ROBOT THEME, Newt’s another fairly easy option to put together.  A poorly ironed white shirt, black pants, a skinny black tie, and black rimmed glasses are all you need!  Bonus points if you draw kaiju tattoos all over your forearms.

Option 6: Han Solo

This one has some options depending on how much time and effort you can put in.  The basics you’ll need are as follows: a long sleeve white shirt, a black vest, dark blue pants, and a belt.  If you can, a holster for a gun/blaster and the gun/blaster itself is always a great prop.  Finally, the Corellian bloodstripes will really help sell the costume.  You probably don’t have time to individually sew/paint the broken stripes on a pair of pants but if you take some red or dark yellow ribbon or paint and go at it, that’ll definitely get the idea across.

Option x: Use that t-shirt

This is absolutely one of the easier costume ideas but hey!  If you’re in a pinch, you’re in a pinch.  Pair one of those costume t-shirts with an appropriately coloured pair of pants or a skirt and you are ready to go!


These are definitely just a few ideas to help you out.  Obviously, everyone’s closet is different so your best bet is to just dive right in there and see what you can pull out!  (Spoiler Alert: That’s basically how we put together half of our outfit posts.)  Most importantly though?  Have fun, be safe, and Happy Halloween!