[INSPO] What Would Mirax Terrik Wear?

When we weren’t paying attention, we accidentally started a ‘Capable Ladies of Star Wars’ edition of our What Would X Wear feature.  Honestly, we just trip into these things.  Anyways, when we put out a call for character suggestions last month, my fellow Tosche Station writer Nanci suggested that I do some for the Capable Ladies of the Expanded Universe and so it just seemed natural that Mirax Terrik would be the subject of today’s post.

The daughter of a smuggler and a capable entrepreneur in her own rights, Mirax Terrik kicks some butt in multiple arenas.  She also knows how to dress for the occasion and pull off a slinky dress with the best of them.  In other words, she has a pretty excellent wardrobe somewhere aboard the Pulsar Skate.

We’ll start relatively casual yet oh so chic with this outfit by Carolina Herrera.

MiraxTerrik CarolinaHerrera SpringRTW2014 Look25

What you really need to know though is that she can definitely rock a fabulous gown for the right occasion.  Like these two dresses by Alexandre Vautheir and Versace.  (Just try and tell me that Mirax doesn’t have great legs.)

MiraxTerrik AlexandreVauthier Fall2013 Look26 MiraxTerrik Versace SpringRTW2014 Look39

There’s something about Mirax that says she’d rock a good jumpsuit just like this Jason Wu one.

MiraxTerrik Jason Wu SpringRTW2014 Look25

Sometimes, you have to rock an outfit for the times when you’re out there getting your hands dirty.  We offer these by Jason Wu and Moncler Gamme Rouge.

MiraxTerrik Jason Wu SpringRTW2014 Look5 MiraxTerrik Moncler Gamme Rouge SpringRTW2014 Look3

It never hurts to be well dressed for a business meeting and Chanel agrees.

MiraxTerrik Chanel SpringRTW2014 Look17

I’ll be honest: I’m including this dress by Michael Kors because it makes me think of the stars across the galactic sky and it felt appropriate for a pilot-smuggler who’s married to a starfighter pilot.

MiraxTerrik Michael Kors SpringRTW2014 Look52

No really: Mirax has a closet filled with more than one or two fabulous evening dresses.  This Badgley Mischka one is a likely suspect.

MiraxTerrik Badgley Mischka SpringRTW2014 Look17

This is the ‘out on the town with the other smugglers and Intelligence girls’ outfit.  (Versace or bust.)

MiraxTerrik Versace SpringRTW2014 Look24

And just to finish things up, we’ve got a dress that’s classy, sexy, and sass all in one by Zac Posen.

MiraxTerrik ZACZacPosen SpringRTW2014 Look13

All pictures taken from Style.com