[CON] Earth’s Mightiest Heroines


Earth’s Mightiest Heroines!  The Avengers that no villain can defeat!  Not even those villains up at the top.

I was originally tapped for this shoot back when the fabulous Socies (aka, She-Hulk) organized it last fall.  She asked me to take part in the shoot and I was happy to do so.  Unfortunately, I had to withdraw when I wasn’t able to make the convention.  (Wait for it.)  When the planets aligned for me less than a week before con, Lin decided that I needed to be in the shoot again.  And also that she hated me and enjoyed my pain because oh god this costume was NOT meant for Atlanta heat.  So she threw her Miss America jacket and fuzzy hoodie at me and told me I had to do the costume.  That’s how we do it here at White Hot Room: clothesline each other into costumes.



Avengers versus Loki

All credit for the pictures of the group goes to the wonderful Danny Hunter!  You can see the entirety of the shoot over at his Facebook.  The ones of just myself and Jenny as Kate Bishop were taken for us by our friend Maggie.



They’re only temporarily defeated


Girls Night In!


Of course, I can’t neglect the pictures I got in this costume with the lovely Jenny as Hawkeye!


dc_cos_america3 dc_cos_america4