[WAYW] Let’s Go Do Something Really Stupid – Striker Eureka

It’s no secret how much we love Pacific Rim around here and with the film coming out on BluRay and DVD tomorrow, we just had to pull together some more posts to celebrate it!

Back during Jaeger Con, I put together a shopping list with style suggestions for emulating the Hansens and that Striker Eureka look.  I decided to take my own suggestion and translate it into real life!  (The fact that I recently saw the film again yesterday at a meet up and was reduced to tears because of these three in THAT SCENE obviously has nothing to do with why I picked them.  Obviously.)


Olive Jacket: DKNY
Grey T-Shirt: Kenneth Cole
Bulldog Earrings: Amazon
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Lace Up Boots: Naturalizer


Sadly, no one would lend me an actual bulldog for these pictures.  And Lin wouldn’t go get me one.  It was tragic.  I had to settle for these earrings.


wayw_bria_se02 wayw_bria_se06