[COS] Quasar & Moondragon — Guardians of the Galaxy


I love Phyla-Vell.

I love Guardians of the Galaxy.

Busting my ass to upgrade Quasar is basically the story of my life — full of screaming and crying, caused by the very things I cherish. (And yet here I am, knees deep in planning the next.) But what really overfloweth my heart with big dumb stupid grinning joy, was everybody who helped make the magic happen.

So much heart-shaped gratitude to Natalie for letting me talk her into cosplaying Moondragon, despite her hectic everything schedule and a super daunting baldcap first. Welcome to the Guardians of the Galaxy family, my beautiful and amazing interplanetary warrior girlfriend. And internet highfives and frantic heart hands to Lionel — a photographer who not only gets the best out of us, every single time, but who pulled together a last minute light-up sword for this. Yes. That sword? That was all him.

(My friends are kinda amazing.)

Quasar / Phyla-Vell: Lin (me)
Moondragon: Natalie
Photographer: Lionel Lum
Location: Dragon*Con 2013


We're in this together


They haven't seen the best of us yet




They make us unbeatable