[COS] Princess Leia Organa – Star Wars: Razor’s Edge

Razor's Edge

Sometimes, I look at what a character’s wearing and instantly go “I want that on my body” and no back and forth thoughts are needed.  That’s exactly what happened for me with Leia and the cover of Razor’s Edge which was released yesterday.  Not only was she finally wearing something on a cover that wasn’t an obviously recycled film costume but she was wearing something that totally made sense for a Rebel Alliance leader who’s not afraid to shoot a blaster.  It didn’t even matter that it was a darkly lit image.  I just knew that I needed to make this costume.


I was incredibly honoured when Tricia Barr over at Suvudu asked to interview me about why and how I made this costume and cosplay and the Star Wars community in general.  You can read the piece over here on Suvudu and see some pictures that Brian took for me of the costume at Dragon*Con 2013.  And honestly, I’ve just been floored completely by the positive reaction I’ve gotten for the costume and can’t thank everyone enough for it.

Time to start playing for real You're not that good

Now that I’ve had the chance to do a longer and more involved photoshoot with Heather of Zhobot, I wanted to talk a little more about the construction of the costume. It all came together in about 12 hours in August.  I’d previously purchased a jacket pattern that I figured I could adapt and I had plenty of black fabric and pleather left over from other projects. (Oh the closet of a costumer!)  I floated the idea on Twitter of challenging myself to make the costume in 12 hours, Lin encouraged me, and the rest is history.  The entire jacket/vest construction took me about 8 hours after you exclude time spent on breaks for coffee, eating, the internet, and the obligatory trip to the fabric store when I realized that I needed a zipper.  It was also the first time I’ve made a jacket like this and the first time I’ve worked with pleather in almost a year so I’m rather pleased with both how it turned out and the speed with which I did it. I wanted everything about the costume to feel very functional which is why I went for looser fitting cargo pants and flat, sturdy boots.  Because of my slight artistic liberty by adding leather shoulder patches, I wasn’t able to add the pouches on the one shoulder so I instead used previously constructed belt pouches to fulfill that same role.  (Pouches and pockets are honestly the best thing to have for a costume when you’re at a convention.  I always try to incorporate them into my costumes if I can so I don’t have to deal with a purse.)  All in all, the costume took about a month or two of on and off planning and procrastination, twelve hours of active work, and $5 for materials I didn’t have left over from previous projects.

I’m incredibly grateful as always to Heather for being not only a fabulous photographer but for also telling me to just go for it when I was climbing up various structures and then hanging off of them precariously to try and get some cool shots.  My apologies to everyone in the park who had to witness that.  And with that, I’ll shut up and let you see the rest of the pictures from Saturday’s shoot!

There's no time for nerves, Organa.

There’s no time for nerves, Organa.

Middle of the battle Best Shot

Rebel Leader

 I hate working with amateurs

This is Leia’s “That’s your plan? Really? No, we’ll do this my way.” face.


"I didn't think they let you do anything dangerous."

“I didn’t think they let you do anything dangerous.”

Taking the tough shot

Unlike living, breathng people, figureheads were made of stone and incapable of mistakes; Leia wasn't certain how long she could bear that weight.

Unlike living, breathing people, figureheads were made of stone and incapable of mistakes; Leia wasn’t certain how long she could bear that weight.



We're winging it Aim and fire


So is it really a game?