[DIY] Hair Tutorial Inspired By Daenerys Targaryen

They could easily rename Game of Thrones to Game of Hair.  So many of the women on that show have such glorious long hair and fabulous hairstyles so it’s only natural to want to look to them for inspiration.

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Today’s tutorial is inspired by the hairstyle that Daenery’s Targaryen wore for the majority of Season Three.  A friend of mine who is also the model in these pictures needed a braided hairstyle to go along with one of her costumes and this seemed perfect for the job.  You might recognize her as Heather of Zhobot. ;)

(The easiest way to make your hair look more like Dany’s, you’ll want to do a Dutch braid which means you braid under instead of braiding over.  And to have pretty thick hair.)

You don’t need much to do this hair style: just two elastics, a brush, possibly a comb, and some bobby pins to help you divide out the sections

Dany Hair 1 Step 1: Brush your hair out and back so it’s not parted.  You’re going to want to try and space them like Dany has hers in the picture.  I ended up having my two top sections more towards the top.  Try and get a decent amount of hair to start with but have it be as close to the front of your head as possible so you can start the braid more towards your hairline.
Step 2: Start with one of the top sections and braid backwards.  There’s a twist though: you’re doing half of a French Braid.  In other words, you only add hair to the braid from the top.  Braid around to the back of your head and then find some way to secure the end of the braid and then go do the same to the other top braid. Dany Hair 2
Dany Hair 3 Step 3: This is the fun part! Now you take the two loose ends of the top braids, combine them, and braid down.  How far you want to go is up to you.  I suggest about two-three inches.  Secure with an elastic.
Step 4: Now you get to do basically the same thing to the bottom sections of your hair.  Do another half-French braid along the side of your head and then just do a regular braid as you get to the back.  Secure the ends of the first braid while you do the other side. Dany Hair 4
Dany Hair 6 Step 5: If you want, you can simply take the ends of the two bottom braids, put them together, and secure with an elastic.  Have it lie above the previous braid.  That’s much more like Dany’s actual style.  Instead, I decided to grab the end of the previous top braids and put it together with the two bottom braids.  Secure it with an elastic.

And that’s it!  This is definitely one of those hairstyles that takes a bit of practice and that you will probably find a way to modify or tweak it depending upon your hair.  Again, if you’d like to make this more like Dany, braid under instead of over, don’t braid down the top sections, and don’t combine the two sections.  However, she does change up how she wears the style from time to time so feel free to play!

Dany Hair 5

As always, if you have any questions or want to share pictures of your own attempts at the style, feel free to comment or poke us via social media!