Dragon*Con 2013: Cosplay Schedule

Ahh, it’s that time of the year again. Come this Labour Day weekend, both your esteemed editors will be attending Dragon*Con, a convention that can only be described as a non-stop, completely ridiculous geek party. Meanwhile, we’ll be going on hiatus for the week — but be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we’ll be updating during the convention!

We’ll be cosplaying the following, so if you see us, please feel free to say hello!





Morning: Lin is wearing Wasp to the George Pérez Avengers vs JLA photoshoot — but find Bria wearing her new Star Wars costume!
Afternoon:  Bria in Miss America for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroines photoshoot; Lin in Quasar for the Marvel Cosmic photoshoot
Evening: taking it easy, with Bria back in Star Wars

Morning: every day is Jaeger Con in our hearts
Afternoon: taking it to the streets with the Marvel Knights photoshoot
Evening: kicking back in SHIELD gear, as you do


Morning: Bria will be on the Women and Minorities in Star Wars panel at 11am
Afternoon:  headed to the giant Marvel Universe photoshoot!
Evening: our very favourite and best SHIELD party take no prisoners


Also, please note that while we will be attending a number of photoshoots, they by no means dictate all of our free time — they are included to show where our cosplay schedule is anchored. We will definitely be doing convention panels and other activities, including some very serious partying with our amazing SCF buddies!