[COS] Girl!Tendo Choi – Pacific Rim – Bonus Round

Sometimes, when you’re doing pictures for Jaeger Con on a rainy day, you have to make the decision about whether or not your crazy hairstyle or a bagel is more important.  (Spoiler Alert: The hairstyle won.)  And then sometimes, a week later, you’re double fisting Starbucks and have a bagel for breakfast and really what choice do you have but to toss on your genderswapped Tendo Choi and take some bonus pictures?

Tendo Choi slides into the apocalypse fifteen minutes late with double Starbucks in hand and a bagel in her mouth.

cos_bria_2013_tendochoi_04 cos_bria_2013_tendochoi_05

Miss out on the Jaeger Con festivities?  That’s okay.  We’ve got you covered.