[WAYW] Ready The Dubstep Gun – Saints Row


WE ARE SO CLOSE TO D-DAY.  And by D-Day, I obviously mean the release of Saints Row 4.

Wait hold on.  What’s that?  You want some music to go along with this post?

Anyways, I’m obviously pretty excited for Saints Row 4 to come out next week and so it was only natural that I pull together an outfit.  Between the purple and the fleur-de-lis tights, I figured that I had this covered.  It’s not based on any of the characters in particular: just the 3rd Street Saints with perhaps the faintest touch of Viola.  But it’s at least 80% less hookerish than my original attempt at the outfit.

Purple Sleeveless Top: Express
Black Skirt: Zara
Fleur-de-lis Tights: Betsey Johnson
Boots: Macys
Heart Purse: Betsey Johnson