[COS] Jaeger Con: Girl! Tendo Choi – Pacific Rim



Sometimes, you just have to close your eyes and let a costume happen.  Tendo Choi is the biracial Shatterdome technician after my own heart.  The only way this costume could have been more perfect for me is if, you know, he’d been a girl. But hey, that’s what genderswapped costuming is for!  I’ll just be over here with a pompadour in my hair and double fisting coffee mugs for the foreseeable future.

Update: Now with bonus bagel and double-fisted Starbucks

Ladies.  Gentlemen.  Heyyyyyy. ;)


Bow ties are cool



We’re cancelling the apocalypse this weekend at Jaeger Con 2013, so strap yourself in for a 4-day Pacific Rim party. Check back in with us here for the final post count, and don’t forget to kick back relax with us over on tumblr as we celebrate another giant robot weekend.