[WAYW] Jaeger Con: “For My Family” — Gipsy Danger / Pacific Rim



It’s time to suit up. Taking cues from the black and blues of Mako Mori, but let’s kick this outfit to the streets — a little bit sharp for the last days of war, because the brightest and best puts a sword in both hands and dives right off the deep end.

As co-pilot of the Gipsy Danger mech in Pacific Rim,  she wears the colours of war on her sleeve, and I went a little do-it-yourself with the pilot jacket motif. Chain sword running up the arms; kaiju kill count on the right breast; the vow of a swordmaker’s daughter on her back. The sword itself, though, is all her own.

Watashi no kazoku no tame ni.

“Gipsy Danger” Jacket: DIY / Forever 21
Black Ribs Swim: Black Milk Clothing
Black Denim Shorts: Forever 21
Studded Boots: Steve Madden




We’re cancelling the apocalypse this weekend at Jaeger Con 2013, so strap yourself in for a 4-day Pacific Rim party. Check back in with us here for the final post count, and don’t forget to kick back relax with us over on tumblr as we celebrate another giant robot weekend.