[INSPO] What Would Cersei Lannister Wear?

Game of Thrones might be off the air until next year but the characters are never far from our thoughts.  Seeing how one of us identifies with House Lannister, it only makes sense that we’d focus on Cersei when it comes to looking at the Fall 2013 Couture shows!

We’ll start with one of Elie Saab’s trademarked gorgeous gowns with elaborate beading that could easily be a choice for the Queen.

Cersei Elie Saab Fall2013 Look3

As the mother of the King, her wardrobe’s been a bit more conservative in recent months especially in comparison to Margaery but that’s no reason to give up anything in terms of style.  Just swap embroidery for beading and you’ve got it.

Cersei Elie Saab Fall2013 Look4

Of course, this is King’s Landing we’re talking about and it does get quite hot.  And hey!  Cersei wasn’t always the mother of the King but rather the Queen.

Cersei Elie Saab Fall2013 Look2 Cersei Elie Saab Fall2013 Look1

Or maybe Cersei wants somethings that’s a little bit more modest without going straight to armour.

Cersei Elie Saab Fall2013 Look6

On the off chance that she feels inclined to wear a short dress (long shot, I know) but she certainly has the option with this one!

Cersei Elie Saab Fall2013 Look5

Even better, there was an option for something more on the casual end of the spectrum that doesn’t lose any of its elegance.

Cersei Elie Saab Fall2013 Look7

We’ll wrap things up with one last dress from Elie Saab that would be sure to make Cersei the sparkling centre of attention of any room.

Cersei Elie Saab Fall2013 Look8

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All pictures taken from Style.com