[INSPO] What Would Emma Frost Wear? Round 2

Apparently we like to play favourites around here so the White Queen herself, Emma Frost, is the subject of another fashion inspiration post as we once again ask ‘What Would Emma Frost Wear?’

The answer seemed to jump right out at us from the Resort 2014 collection of designer Zuhair Murad.  The Lebanese fashion designer opened his collection with ten different looks, all in white.  While our favorite HBIC has been wearing a lot of black lately in the pages of Uncanny X-men, it’s only a matter of time before she returns to her trademarked white clothes and takes a nice long vacation in some fancy resort town to try and ignore that the Avengers are still trying to arrest her.

We’ll start off a somewhat simple dress with interesting side detailings and sleeves that could easily make this dress appealing to the former White Queen.

Emma Frost Zuhair Murad Resort2014 Look7

Emma’s never been one to shy away from a smartly cut pair of trousers (just look at her Gen X teaching days) and so both of these looks could be right up her alley, especially the one on the right if she’s teaching or has business matters to attend to.

Emma Frost Zuhair Murad Resort2014 Look1 Emma Frost Zuhair Murad Resort2014 Look3

While the overall style is a bit more conservative than what Emma normally wears, it would definitely fit right in with a resort town and help her hide in plain sight, so to speak, without sacrificing much of her own personal style.

Emma Frost Zuhair Murad Resort2014 Look6

These next two might be a little bit off the beaten path for Emma with their eyelet fabric and scalloped hem but sometimes a woman needs a bit of a change and they’d both definitely be good looks for blending in if she’s trying to keep a low profile.

Emma Frost Zuhair Murad Resort2014 Look4 Emma Frost Zuhair Murad Resort2014 Look5

This next dress might look simple but the netting at the top makes it an easy choice for Emma to wear in a resort when she’s not lounging by the ocean.

Emma Frost Zuhair Murad Resort2014 Look9

Shorter hemlines are definitely Emma and both of these dresses could definitely be options for a fancier evening out.  The dress on the left, for example, would be good for a dinner date with the King of Ab-lantis.

Emma Frost Zuhair Murad Resort2014 Look10 Emma Frost Zuhair Murad Resort2014 Look8

As is tradition for White Hot Room, we’ll finish this post off with a gorgeous evening gown could wear fabulously at any gala event.

Emma Frost Zuhair Murad Resort2014 Look2


All pictures taken from Style.com