[COS] Asha Odekar – Saints Row 4


There’s a little game coming out in August that you might’ve heard of called Saints Row 4.  To say that I am excited would be an understatement.  From the minute Heather of Zhobot showed me some of Saints Row 3 and the first trailer and promotional image hit the web, I was hooked.  I might be slightly less than stellar at actually playing the game (okay, my driving skills could use some work) but it’s fun, it’s completely out there, the characters are neat, and I’m always down for a game where your playable character is completely customizable.  Anyways, the plot of the new game is that you are the President of the United States and OH LOOK ALIENS INVADED.  Given how we (myself and the Zhobot duo) live near DC, a photoshoot day just had to happen.

I was instantly drawn to Asha from just the promotional art where we didn’t even know her name.  When we eventually learned that she’s an MI6 Agent and their special liasion to the CIA, I was pretty much already in love.  I can’t wait to play through the game and get to know her better and then (probably and eventually) work on more costumes!


Asha Odekar: Bria
Kinzie Kensington:

Thank you so much to our wonderful friend Denis for braving the wretched heat (and tourists) and making the trek into Washington DC with us to be our photographer!

And don’t forget to check out some more of the shoot over at Zhobot.net including some nifty portraits from SR4!

Always working

We took advantage of as much of the city as we could before the heat won and took pictures on the National Mall in view of the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument, inside the Natural History Museum, and even a few on the Metro.  We’re hoping to go back in the fall and take pictures near more Washington DC landmarks!


Asha and Kinzie totally have this.  Whatever, Boss.  Keep lounging in the sun.  WE’LL BEAT THE ALIENS OURSELVES.

The Boss will always be lazy Let's Boondocks this thing

(The Saints flag was made by myself and Heather, by the way!  We’re hoping to put up a tutorial for it within the next few weeks!)

Reporting for duty The Saints take Washington


Asha vs The Monument
That’s all the Saints Row for now but be sure to check out Heather and Nate over at Zhobot where they do awesome things and be on the look out for more Saints Row goodness from both of us as the Saints Row 4 release day approaches!