[INSPO] What Would Leia Organa Wear? – The Razor’s Edge Edition

In awesome news, Leia Organa is finally getting to be the focus of her very own Star Wars Expanded Universe!  Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge is being released this September and is aaaaaall about her.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, the cover definitely would’ve gotten me excited.  Finally, she’s not shown wearing one of her film costumes and she’s wearing something that’s totally functional for a Rebel Alliance operative.

I could probably talk all day about the costume alone but this is a geek fashion blog so let’s drive right into the fashion because who wouldn’t want to talk about what sort of high fashion looks Star Wars characters might wear if they were in our world?

Bouchra Jarrar’s Fall 2013 Couture Collection featured plenty of fabulously tailored trousers plus some interestingly cut tops to go with them and the traditional evening wear.  It was the tops/trouser combination that caught my attention though since many of the looks read like high fashion versions of Leia’s look on the Razor’s Edge cover to the right.

Even though Leia is technically just wearing a tunic, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine her wearing either one of these tops below.  The black leather vest could easily be swapped for that top and looks all around badass while the white jacket keeps the interest of the zippers while adding sleeves with a somewhat reinforced look on the shoulders.

RELeia Bouchra Jarrar Fall2013 Look15 RELeia Bouchra Jarrar Fall2013 Look22

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call white Leia’s signature colour and both of these looks, while definitely not adhering to the black of the cover, would definitely be up Leia’s alley.  The details on the shoulders give both a slightly militaristic vibe and the neck detailing is just fabulous.

RELeia BouchraJarrar Fall2013 Look6 RELeia Bouchra Jarrar Fall2013 Look5

This would be a good time to draw attention to the belt and pants on these looks which are totally neat and add a definite edge to the looks.  The necklines are a bit more simplified than the ones above but no less intriguing.  Again, it’s not hard to imagine Leia slipping into either of these.  She’s a full time Rebel Alliance leader now.  The princess and senator dresses will be there at the end of the war.

RELeia Bouchra Jarrar Fall2013 Look9 RELeia Bouchra Jarrar Fall2013 Look7

While I highly doubt that Leia would be inclined to walk around either shirtless or with her midriff showing, the vests of these last two looks are the highlights especially when paired with the pants.  And what can I say?  I still can’t get over the neckline of the top on the right.

RELeia Bouchra Jarrar Fall2013 Look14 RELeia Bouchra Jarrar Fall2013 Look3

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All pictures taken from Style.com