[INSPO] New Geek Inspired Fashion Collections!

It’s a good time to be a geek when it comes to the fashion world.  Not only are companies like Her Universe and Black Milk routinely turning out fabulous geek inspired leggings, shirts, dresses, and such but other companies are starting to get the hint and to branch out a bit more.  Recently, we’ve seen two companies launch new sections of their online stores.

Forever 21 now features a curated Marvel Collection.  Of course, you’ll be quick to notice that the collection features more than just Marvel but instead generic comic inspired fashion along with pieces inspired by Batman, Superman, and even a Transformers t-shirt.  We’ve previously featured some of the pieces within the collection but it’s great to see them all in one place and they’ve even included pieces that might not be directly comic book inspired but that could be great additions to your wardrobe to accentuate that perfect geek chic look.

On the other side, WeLoveFine (which is filled with geeky clothes anyways) now has a collection of nerdy undergarments featuring franchises like My Little Pony, the Justice League, and Adventure Time.  The garments range from ladies’ boy shorts and briefs, men’s boxers, bandeau bras, and even a Lumpy Space Princess tutu.  (Yes, you read that right.)  Some of them are gosh darn adorable actually.  [via The Mary Sue]