[WAYW] Love Is Destructive — Neon Genesis Evangelion / Asuka Langley



We here like to take a pro-mecha approach to all things in life. And so to punch the air just that little bit harder for the release of Pacific Rim this weekend, what better way than to lady pilot this thing into psychological terror ha ha ha.

Taking cues from Asuka Langley of the super forever favourite Neon Genesis Evangelion, we go Rebuild style with the track jacket and blinged out cap, sans ears, and a typical red palette winknod to DANCE LIKE YOU WANT TO WIN!! in an off-shoulder top and sleek black unders. Gang signs are all Second Child; the love is destructive so wear it like a badge of honour.

(It’s only love.)

(Everybody finds love in the end.)






Off-Shoulder Top: Urban Behavior
Military Style Shorts: Forever 21
Black Stockings: American Apparel
Asuka Langley Track Jacket + Pins: ebay
Arm Candy, Accesories: Forever 21; Juicy Couture
Studded Heart Garter: mechafaux
Studded Ballcap: Aldo / DIY
Spike Boots: Steve Madden

Can’t get enough ridiculous Neon Genesis Evanglion inspo outfits? Why, I have just the answer for you: Kaworu Nagisa.