[FF] Geeky Fashion Things We Saw Last Week

We might have taken off a week for our summer vacation and to celebrate our respective countries but that doesn’t mean we were blind to the world of geek fashion!  Here are a few things that caught our eye over the past week or so that we thought you might appreciate:

  • Somewhere out there, you can buy a Marvel comics printed dress that has Hawkeye’s face placed… shall we say… appropriately for a Hawkblocked moment.  UPDATE: The dress is available through Wet Seal.
  • Someone spotted this girl at a convention with an AWESOME Marauder’s Map dress.  How cute is that?
  • So it’s only a design for now, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could buy this Winter Soldier hoodie designed by prathik over on DeviantArt?
  • However, you can now buy Adventure Time themed leggings from WeLoveFine!  They have three designs that feature Lumpy Space Princess, Gunter, and Lady Rainicorn and they are all very reasonably priced at $26.50.
  • The Her Universe Rogue Squadron tanktop (featuring a pilot helmet hood!) is now up on ThinkGeek for $29.99.  It would be the perfect compliment to the Rogue Squadron dress in your wardrobe. ;)
  • Speaking of Her Universe, it looks like they’ve come up with two different Darth Vader designs for dresses.  One is the a-line style that will premiere at Celebration Europe while the other is another sheath dress that looks to be available exclusively through Hot Topic.
  • And if you’re lucky enough to be headed out to San Diego Comic Con this year, maybe check out the Her Universe Panel on Saturday: “Her Universe: Geek Girl Fashion: A Dialogue Between Fashion Professionals and Fans”! (via ClubJade)
  • And finally, there is a special exhibit currently running at the Seattle Art Museum called ‘Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion’.  It runs from June 27th through September 8th and features the innovative designs by Japanese designers.  While you can’t see pictures of the entire collection, there are several on their site and, as someone pointed out to me, some of them feature designs that wouldn’t look out of place on the Handmaidens of Naboo from the Prequel Trilogy of Star Wars.


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