[WAYW] “Shinji Ikari Defense Squad” — Neon Genesis Evangelion



While there’s a certain hilarity to screaming at Shinji Ikari to get in the robot but no wait GET OUT OF THE ROBOT,  I’m all about ushering the haters gently to the left — no excuses, but a certain empathy for teenaged trainwrecks.

Just to say: gonna get that super fab “Shinji Ikari Defense Squad” top by Absens / Mandy on my body pronto.

And what better way to quirk an eyebrow at detractors than to get Kaworu Nagisa styled, ver. Rebuild, and fly this angel buddy flag on the low-low. Slim-fit shorts à la school uni / plugsuit colour palette, summer school white shirt with a peek of purple top, and… oh gosh, I’m so sorry about the necklace. Not sorry. A little bit sorry.

Consider this a wink and a nod xxoo to my future Ikari Shinji-kun.

“Shinji Ikari Defense Squad” Top: Skyfish Studio / DIY
Purple Camisole, Slim Shorts: Forever 21
Summer Blouse: Zara
Red Triangle Necklace: Aldo