[INSPO] What Would House Lannister Wear?

Season 3 of Game of Thrones might be over for the year but that doesn’t mean our love for the show has stopped!  Continuing our series focusing on the different noble houses in Westeros, we’re asking ‘What Would The Lannisters Wear?’

House Lannister is one of the oldest and one of the richest in Westeros.  They are not a group of people to be taken lightly and not just because they always pay their debts.  Their colours are red and gold and their coat of arms bears a proud lion.  All of this absolutely translates over to how they dress.  They dress to impress and always mean business.  And then softly sing ‘Rains of Castamere’ to make sure you know it.

We’re going to start off with some Dolce and Gabbana from their Fall 2013 Ready To Wear show because a third of that show essentially screamed Lannister.  And yes, Cersei does insist on the crown being included.

Lannister Dolce&Gabbana FallRTW2013 Look58

Casterly Rock might not be nearly as cold as Winterfell but warm outfits are still definitely a must for a Lannister so why not invoke their signature lion with this look by Carolina Herrara?

Lannister Carolina Herrera FallRTW2013 Look4

Cersei’s wardrobe has definitely taken a swing towards a more armoured look this season and this dress from Burberry certainly fits the bill

Lannister Burberry FallRTW2013 Look48

The Cardinal Red portion Dolce and Gabbana show has plenty of looks that the Lannisters might easily go for (except minus the cross necklaces) but we’ll just put three here.  They just have this glam and sophistication to them that makes it clear that this is the family with the most money in Westeros.

Lannister Dolce&Gabbana FallRTW2013 Look62 Lannister Dolce&Gabbana FallRTW2013 Look56 Lannister Dolce&Gabbana FallRTW2013 Look64

Everyone needs a proper trench so why not this one from Burberry complete with a shining gold belt?

Lannister Burberry FallRTW2013 Look6

For the less formal occasions, Jason Wu has a short yet cute little red and black number and then a fabulous red top with its very own train and black pants.

Lannister Jason Wu FallRTW2013 Look27 Lannister Jason Wu FallRTW2013 Look41

Valentino has a gorgeous rich red cape dress that positively oozes class.

Lannister Valentino Spring2013 Look12

As always, Marchesa is the Queen of fabulous fancy frocks and both of these dresses absolutely scream Lannister with their colour schemes and gold detailing.

Lannister Marchesa FallRTW2013 Look29 Lannister Marchesa FallRTW2013 Look24


Aaaaaand we’ll finish up with one last Dolce and Gabbana piece because every Lannister could use a classic looking bright red coat.  And always because there’s a nice symmetry to it.

Lannister Dolce&Gabbana FallRTW2013 Look59
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