[DIY] Princess Leia’s Bespin Hair

Summer is here and if you have long hair like me, that means you might be looking for a more creative way than a ponytail or messy bun to get it all up and off your shoulders.  Who better to turn to for ideas than Leia Organa and Padme Amidala?  While their hairdos are intended for people with far more hair than most of us, they serve as great starting points and inspiration.  The other week, we looked at Leia’s Endor hair style.  Today, we’re going to break down how to modify her Bespin hairstyle from Empire Strikes Back for yourself.

leia bespin hair

(Basically, we still have Star Wars Weekends envy.)


This isn’t a project that you need much for: just a hair brush, a regular hair band, two small hair bands, bobby pins, and a hairnet.  Hairspray is optional.



Step 1: Put your hair into a medium-to-high ponytail.





Step 2: Separate it into 3 sections.  The outer two should be as equal as you can make them.





Step 3: Braid the two outer sections.





Your hair should look like this when you finish.






Step 4: Loop the braid under so the end is right up near your ponytail and use a bobby pin above the elastic to secure it into place.  Do this to both braids, making them as equal as you can.



Step 5: Wrap the rest of your hair into a bun, making sure to catch the ends of the pinned braids so they’re not sticking out.  I recommend using a hair net to make sure your hair stays in place and that all stray ends don’t escape but if your hair is more cooperative than mine or you prefer not to, that works too.  Regardless, use a lot of bobby pins for this step.


And you’re done! You now have a modified version of Leia’s Bespin hair!



If you prefer to have fatter braids, there’s a variation to this that you could try.  Get a fake hair bun the same colour as your hair and instead of dividing the ponytail into three sections, divide it into two, braid and pin up those, and then pin the fake hair bun over that.

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