[INSPO] Her Universe’s Star Trek Gear

Saw Star Trek: Into Darkness this weekend?  Feeling the need to get your Trek on?  Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe totally have you covered!  Whether you’re a fan of the original series, Next Generation, or the current films, Her Universe has something that’s sure to appeal!  They’ve even just released two new items on Friday in honour of the film’s release.

HUStarTrekDress HUKHAN
 HU Wesley Crusher HU Spock Shirt HU Star Trek polo
 HU Enterprise Crawl HU Gorn Shirt HU Trek Quote Shirt
HU Spock Hoodie  Star Trek earrings-SM HU Uhura Uniform Shirt

Command Gold Dress + KHAAAAAAAN Shirt
I’ve Got A Crush + I Grok Spock + LLAP Polo
Next Generation Enterprise + Gotta Love The Gorn +Quote Tee
Spock Hoodie + LLAP Earrings + Uhura Tee