[WAYW] I Always Win – Monet St. Croix



Also known as: what Bria is wearing for race day.  I’m headed off to the Preakness Stakes tomorrow.  It’s the second jewel in the Triple Crown and is always a fun day at the horse race track.  While the Kentucky Derby might get all the attention, the Preakness is also filled with plenty of fabulous hats and I wanted to bring my A-game this year.  For style inspiration, I turned to one of my favourite rich and classy ladies: Monet St. Croix.  She’s one of the few Marvel superheroes that I could feasibly see attending an event like this.  Her X-Factor uniform served as a basis as did Monet herself.  The black and red of the bespoke hat was my starting point because, well, FABULOUS HAT.  From there, it was just a matter of debating between dresses and accessorizing.

Really, it’s all about the hat.

wayw_bria_monet_03 wayw_bria_monet_04


White Striped Dress: BCBG Maxazaria
Bespoke Hat: Fabhatrix in Edinburgh, Scotland
Black and Silver Accented Heels: Gucci
Jewelry: DIY, Target, etc
Black Clutch: Vera Bradley