[COS] Mara and Mirax’s Excellent Adventure

Mara and Mirax

Ain’t no party like an Errant Venture party and no one brings it like Mara Jade Skywalker and Mirax Terrik Horn.

I’ve been a fan of the friendship between Mara and Mirax ever since Luke and Corran agreed that the they of them should never meet for fear of trouble.  In the Dark Tide books, there’s a brief exchange about how Mara and Mirax were arrested once but later exonerated.  Clearly they found that trouble.  I’m still waiting for Mike Stackpole to write the short story explaining what exactly they got up to.

Kickass Smuggler Ladies

Doing this shoot was just a fantastic amount of fun and I’m super glad we did it.  We might’ve looked ridiculous at times but as a wise man once said, “You can’t look dignified when you’re having fun!”

Fun piece of trivia: I actually named my car the Errant Venture because it is a red SUV.  I’ll let you guess how many ‘WE’RE TAKING THE ERRANT VENTURE ON A JOY RIDE’ jokes Nic and I made on the drive to the convention.  Spoilers: A lot.

I’d like to take the time to thank the ever wonderful Nic for agreeing to bring her Mirax costume to Katsucon so we could do this little photo project and I’d also thank Heather of House Zhobot, the amazing photographer who captured these ridiculous moments.

All good stories start in a cantina, right?

I have an idea.

“Waiting is so boring.”

Waiting is so boring.

Gotta let loose sometimes Get on our level

You can fill in for yourself what you think landed these two in jail.  Personally, I choose to think that this was just the midway point during an epic quest where they save a planet from something bad.  Honestly, who needs a battle fleet when you have these two?

We were exonerated.
We were exonerated, okay?

Bring bail money, Dad.

Bring bail money, Dad.

Always bring bobby pins in case of stuncuffs.

Always bring bobby pins in case of stuncuffs.

Farmboy will never stop teasing.

Farmboy will never stop teasing if he finds out about this.

You see more pictures of this new Mara costume, Bria’s other Star Wars costumes, or any of her other costumes over at her gallery.