[EIW] Hawkeye Week: Hawkeye #10 Review


Warning: This review has spoilers for the end of the previous issue along with some spoilers for this one.  You should go read them first, bro.  Especially #9, bro. 


Like half the internet who reads this comic, I still haven’t recovered from the end of issue #9.  Alas poor Grills, we knew him.  I was expecting this issue to pick up right where the previous one left off.  In a way, I was right but Matt Fraction and Francesco Francavilla did it in a way that I didn’t quite predict and it made for a lovely read.

There are two storylines going on in this issue.  The first is Kate Bishop striking up a conversation with a man at one of her father’s parties.  The other is the backstory of that said man, aka Kazi Kazimierczak aka the Clown.  It wasn’t hard to see how this was going to go but Fraction’s writing and Francavilla’s art make this a great read even if that last page was like getting stabbed in the heart YET AGAIN.  One of the great things about this issue is that it really does help illustrate the relationship between Clint and Kate.  They work together and they’re friends but boy is it hard to put one simple label on their relationship and it’s part of what makes them (and this book) so gosh darn interesting.

Francavilla’s art was definitely a highpoint of this issue.  Granted, there has yet to be an issue of Hawkeye where I didn’t like the art but Francavilla’s work here seemed especially noteworthy.  I particularly loved the backstory pages for Kazi/the Clown.  The page layouts work perfect for the story.  I could read books with Francavilla drawing explosions or guns firing all day.  I’m also a huge fan of the colouring on the page where Kazi leaves and Kate stops him.  There’s something about it that just makes me go ‘wow’.

At the end of the day, I recommend that you go out and buy this comic but did you really expect me to say differently?  And if you haven’t been reading Hawkeye so far, go out and buy yourself the first trade in honour of HAWKWEEK.  You can thank us later.

It’s Hawkeye Week, bro. In honour of the new story arc debuting this week, we decided to fly our purple pennants — so check back in with us every day as we class up this joint like Kate Bishop, party like Tracksuit Dracula, and make embarrassingly coordinated kitchenware like Clint Barton.