[COS] Hawkeye Week: Hawkeye or Bust

cos_bria_2008_hawkingbird_01 Hawkeye II

What’s even better than one Kate Bishop? Join us as we continue our celebration of Hawkeye Week by highlighting the Hawk-related costumes that Bria and Lin have done over the past few years.

On the left, we have Bria’s Hawkingbird costume which was based on Kate Bishop’s first appearance in the Young Avengers, where she cobbled together a costume from pieces left behind by former Avengers.  On the right, we have Lin’s Hawkeye II costume that Kate designed for herself, once she and the rest of the team decided to continue to be superheroes.  Basically, we live the Kate Bishop appreciation life and strive to one day have all of her costumes done between the two of us!

And as a bonus round, you can also check out Bria’s Sailor Hawkeye based upon the Sailor Avengers artwork by Ann Marcellino.


Costumes – Bria – 2012 – Sailor Hawkeye 02


It’s Hawkeye Week, bro. In honour of the new story arc debuting this week, we decided to fly our purple pennants — so check back in with us every day as we class up this joint like Kate Bishop, party like Tracksuit Dracula, and make embarrassingly coordinated kitchenware like Clint Barton.