[DIY] Hawkeye Week: Aw Coffee, No



Now you, too, can make embarrassingly coordinated kitchenware like Clint Barton.


Wrong again, Clint.

You’ll need:

  • purple mugs
  • porcelain/ceramic paint
  • painter’s tape
  • paint brush

1. Wash your mugs. Follow the paint instructions for prepping the surface.

2. Use painter’s tape to create an H stencil on each mug — it’s one of the easiest letters, so it’s faster this way. Don’t forget to compensate for curvier mugs by tapering off. Make sure the tape is securely affixed.

mug_02 mug_03
With painter’s tape. Brushing on the paint.

3. Carefully paint inside the stencil. You might need to do a couple of coats.

4. Allow to fully dry and then peel off the tape.

5. Cure according to the paint’s instructions.

6. Dream big.




1. Porcelain markers are also widely available if you want a quickie job.

2. Porcelain/ceramic paints are generally not food safe — just ensure that the paint is comfortably far enough from the lip of the mug. Always check the warning labels of the paint you use.

3. Having a hard time finding purple mugs? Mine are super cheap-o from here.

It’s Hawkeye Week, bro. In honour of the new story arc debuting this week, we decided to fly our purple pennants — so check back in with us every day as we class up this joint like Kate Bishop, party like Tracksuit Dracula, and make embarrassingly coordinated kitchenware like Clint Barton.