[WAYW] Welcome to Excalibur – Captain Britain


We bat for Team Braddock here at White Hot Room and love all of our Captains so this post was bound to happen.  After Lin did her time during the Marvel NOW launch posts, I figured that it was my turn to take a ride on the douchebag train and what better way to do that than wear a giant flag t-shirt?  It’s okay though, I tried to tone it down with the blazer and the hair ribbon.  Yeah, I’m not sure if the ribbon helped or not either.  Anyways, this was a fun outfit to do!  Gotta show some love for Brian Braddock and the rest of the Excaliber and British crew!

Blazer: Tommy Hilfiger
British Flag Shirt: London Street Vendor
White Skirt: Zara
Navy Heels:

wayw_bria_britain_02 wayw_bria_britain_03