[COS] Living Recording Rod – Star Wars – Winter


If ever there was a costume that was a surprisingly enjoyable labour of love, it would be this one.  The minute I saw the cover art for Star Wars: Scoundrels, I knew that I absolutely had to do it.  From there, it was a lesson in how to make something “screen accurate” when the artist isn’t working with real materials.  It took a lot of squinting at a so-so res picture combined with a lot of internet searching and some experimentation.  The jacket took a lot of handsewing for the trim and this was my first time using my machine to embroider a pattern.  I’m very happy with the end result though and look forward to wearing this to more conventions.


Talking on Coruscant

All pictures were taken in the Gaylord Hotel during Katsucon 2013 by the fabulous Heather of Zhobot.  She did an awesome job working with my injured self for which I am incredibly grateful.  The Leia Organa Solo in the pictures with me is the wonderful Nicole in her awesome new Thrawn Trilogy era costume.

Being Sneaky

Scoundrels_Winter03 Scoundrels_Winter02


Scoundrels_Winter06 Scoundrels_Winter07

Ready to blow

There’s nothing I love more than Alderaanian BFFs/Sisters.  The Star Wars galaxy needs more of these two together.

Leia and Winter Reunited Alderaanian Best Friends

And of course, I had to take a picture mimicking her pose on the back cover.  I’ll get myself photoshopped into there one day!

Mugshot for the Lineup

To see more pictures of the costume in its 1.0 version or more Star Wars costumes in general, you can check out Bria’s Costume Page.