[WAYW] The Longest Winter — Captain America / Winter Soldier

wayw_lin_wintersoldier_01 wayw_lin_wintersoldier_02

“Nothin’ but a smile!”

“And a Tommy gun.”

“But what a smile!”

Who’s got two thumbs and totally psyched about Winter Soldier getting his big screen debut? This guy. And what better way to internet high five this than a Bucky Barnes sartorial mashup.

It actually began as a cheery Captain America inspo outfit, édition: été, that came to a snow flurried halt as spring once again became an ephemeral dream. But that’s okay, I’ve got enough wool blazers to clothe a small nation. Winter edition flip side, we get an added faux fur stole, a (gold) star insignia, and my sad attempt at serious face.

Winter? Ha. Winter is easy.

Split Colour Blazer: Zara
Animal Print Top: McQ by Alexander McQueen
Blue Chiffon Skirt: American Apparel
Bow Belt, Faux Fur Stole: Yesstyle
“Joelle” Boots: Alexander Wang
Cat Ear Beret, Gun Print Nylons, Asuka Pins: Ebay
Gold Star “i tried” Pin: Powdered Pretty