wayw_bria_leggings_01 wayw_bria_leggings_02

Clearly, I’m a comic book girl at heart and that includes loving quite a few of the older comics from decades ago. (Seriously: don’t get me started on the Dark Phoenix Saga or we’ll be here all day.)  Point is, those comics were riddled with plenty of sound effects, something I always found to be endearing.  When I saw these leggings on Romwe, I knew I had to get them and create an outfit even if they didn’t include the famous ‘SNIKT.  It was definitely a fun way to add a bit more colour to be wardrobe and spice things up a bit.

Tunic Top: Express
Belt: Nordstom
Comic Leggings: Romwe
Boots: Naturalizer
Black Wristlet: Coach