[INSPO] Star Wars: What Would Tenel Ka Wear? Part 2

Ever wonder what your favourite Star Wars characters might wear if they dressed in our planet’s high fashion looks?  Yeah, us too.  For this little miniseries, we’ve taken a prominent group in the Star Wars universe and looked through the Pre-Fall 2013 styles to see what those characters might wear.   Next up is Tenel Ka Djo, Queen Mother of Hapes and Dathomiri Warrior Badass!

The other half of Tenel Ka’s heritage is decidedly quite different from Dathomir.  Hapes is a planet where everything is beautiful and court intrigue is the way of life.  Therefore, the Hapes Consortium has a much more couture fashion sense than most of the other planets and that’s even before we consider how they might dress here on Earth.  They are a culture that values beauty and in turn also place a fair bit of stock in clothing.  Let’s be honest: half the royal court probably sings My Strongest Suit in the morning.

We’ll start with this look from BCBG.  While I don’t think Hapans are terribly drawn to colours like black, I do think this pants/top combo would definitely fit right in at the Hapan court.  It’s sheer and sexy but doesn’t verge into trashy but instead looks expensive.
Hapes BCBG PreFall2013 Look30

Flowing is certainly the name of the game here although in a different way than on Alderaan.  These looks by Reem Acra and Badgley Mischka have some seriously yardage in their flowing sleeves.

Hapes ReemAcra PreFall2013 Look37 Hapes ReemAcra PreFall2013 Look18 Hapes BadgleyMischka PreFall2013 Look 11

Colour can be just as important as the cut of a look and I could definitely see purple being rather popular in the court especially amongst those related to the royal family.  The looks below by Vera Wang, Just Cavalli, and Emilio Pucci certainly offer a wide range of Hapan styles that would also likely reflect different ages and events.

Hapes VeraWang PreFall2013 Look6 Hapes JustCavalli PreFall2013 Look21 Hapes EmilioPucci PreFall2013 Look14

Of course, because this is a Tenel Ka post, we’re going to take a more specific look at what she might wear in the Hapan fashion vein.  I already used Matthew Williamson’s Pre Fall collection in the Dathomir post but I just had to use it again here because I felt like that collection (or at least parts of it) really just was Tenel Ka.  The prints of the shirt and the turquoise skirt and the purple jacket read as something that she might lean towards especially when she is still reluctant to embrace that side of her heritage.  They are much more casual than most of the other looks featured here but are also a shift away from a more Dathomiri style.

Hapes  MatthewWilliamson PreFall2013 Look3 Tenel Ka MatthewWilliamson PreFall2013 Look5

Although Tenel Ka clearly acclimates to being Queen Mother as the years go on, she would be somewhat reluctant to fully embrace the extravagant clothing aspect of the role.  Both of these dresses by J. Mendel would certainly fit the bill.  The copper colour and texture of the left is reminiscent of lizard hide armour while the dark blue is a bit more subdued while still featuring a more Hapan cut.

Tenel Ka JMendel PreFall2013 Look4 Tenel Ka JMendel PreFall2013 Look13

Of course, even the Hapans have to go more casual sometimes but Hapan Casual is never anything upscale so try these looks by Elie Saab, Cedric Charlier, and Versace on for size.

Hapes ElieSaab PreFall2013 Look35 Hapes CedricCharlier PreFall2013 Look5 Hapes Versace PreFall2013 Look2

Of course, I have to play you out with some evening dresses.  On the left, we have a form-fitting dress by Prabul Gurung as a contrast to the more flowing dresses from above and on the right we have a two-toned gown by Jonathan Saunders.  Bear with me for this next corny line: The colour change represents the two-faced nature of Hapan court lies and manipulations.

Hapes PrabalGurung PreFall2013 Look35 Hapes JonathanSaunders preFall2013 Look21


All images taken from Style.com