[COS] Try Not To Die — Runaways

Runaways, vol.2

Runaways brought a lot of us together, comic book style, so it’s not with a little nostalgia that we got the band back together again. We added some new faces, and fiercely missed the ones who couldn’t make it — here’s to hoping that one day we’ll get everybody at the right place and right time, and we can party in teen superhero style once again.

Thanks go out to our photographer, Swoz, who captured our little gathering!

Nico Minoru: Lin
Xavin: Bria
Karolina Dean: Sarah
Chase Stein: Brandyn
Gertrude Yorkes: Steph
Molly Hayes: Cati
Victor Mancha: Brian

Photographer: Swoz
Location: Dragon*Con 2012





Gert and Chase


Victor Mancha


Molly Hayes


 Staff of One


Nico and Karolina


Karolina Dean




Stairway II


Gert Yorkes


Chase Stein

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