[INSPO] Star Wars: What Would Tenel Ka Wear? Part 1

Ever wonder what your favourite Star Wars characters might wear if they dressed in our planet’s high fashion looks?  Yeah, us too.  For this little miniseries, we’ve taken a prominent group in the Star Wars universe and looked through the Pre-Fall 2013 styles to see what those characters might wear.   Next up is Tenel Ka Djo, Queen Mother of Hapes and Dathomiri Warrior Badass!

Tenel Ka is the daughter of two very different planets: Dathomir and Hapes.  For much of her youth, she felt far more connected to the Dathomiri side of her heritage, preferring a warrior’s way of life instead of that of a royal princess.  The Witches of Dathomir are a matriarchal and tribal society on a primitive planet.  They are tough warrior women who are usually described as wearing supple animal hides which are sometimes further described as being lizard skinned.  While the easiest way to pull together this post would’ve been to just save all the animal skinned pieces, I tried to do that for only some of the looks.  I also took a slightly more editorial approach to this particular post since the Dathomiri are unlikely to be terribly concerned with fashion no matter what universe they’re in.

We’ll start off with a top that made me think of Tenel Ka the moment I saw it.  This piece by Alexander Wang not only manages to feel both tough and easy at the same time but the asymetricalness of it reminded me of her.

Tenel Ka AlexanderWang PreFall2013 Look 17

Of course no wardrobe is every complete without a snazzy trench coat to complete it.  These two by Burberry and Emilio Pucci fit the bill nicely with their snake skin prints.

Dathomir Burberry PreFall2013 Look5 Dathomir EmilioPucci PreFall2013 Look19

Much of Matthew Williamson’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection felt very Tenel Ka to me whether it be a reminiscent of her Hapan or her Dathomiri heritage.  Three of the looks that stood out the most to me were the ones below.  In particular, the colour of the right one caught my eye.  Orange can be one of nature’s warning signs of something dangerous and I could easily see the Witches adopting it for themselves.  The middle dress had a chic yet casual feel to it and I could see them embracing the simplicity.  Finally, the shiny dress just screamed high fashion Dathomir to me.  There’s just something about the colour scheme and the pattern.

Dathomir MatthewWilliamson PreFall2013 Look29 Dathomir MatthewWilliamson PreFall2013 Look12 Dathomir MatthewWilliamson PreFall2013 Look6

These next three dresses are varying levels of warrior chic from T by Alexander Wang to Viktor & Rolf to DKNY.  From the leather to the cut to the use of animal prints, each invokes Dathomir in its own way and of course nothing says warrior chic quite like gladiator heels.

Dathomir TAlexanderWang PreFall2013 Look5 Dathomir Viktor&Rolf PreFall2013 Look23 Dathomir DKNY PreFall2013 Look32

This one Robert Cavalli look might be a little literal with the primitive warrior theme but the skirt could fit in with a Dathomiri’s closet easily enough.

Dathomir Robert Cavalli PreFall2013 Look2

A more casual option would certainly be another welcome addition to a Dathomiri closet.  Maiyer and Helmut Lang could easily fit the bill here.  Maiyer has an earthier feel to it while Helmut Lang embraces their tougher side.

Dathomir Maiyer PreFall2013 Look14 Dathomir HelmutLang PreFall2013 Look13

I’m usually fond of ending these posts with something fabulously couture and Elie Saab but we’re going to go the fun route this time.  Let’s let Nanette Lepore play us out with this cute little number!

Dathomir NanetteLepore PreFall2013 Look1

That’s all for Dathomir (and Tenel Ka) for now but check back another day as we tackle the Hapan side of things!


All images taken from Style.com