Fashionable Superheroes at Katsucon

Conventions are always the best, because not only do you get to see your friends and to show off all the hard work that you put into your costumes, but also because you get to see all the amazing costumes that everyone else has been working on!  The only thing more fabulous than a perfectly done costume is a costume with a brand new spin on it.  Last weekend, we ran into some costumers who put a more fashionable spin on their looks.  Check out these super cute and super fabulous Hawkeye & Mockingbird (cosplays by Revivi and ScruffyHawkeye) and Harley Quinn costumers below!

To get a peak at some of the other amazing costumes that were at Katsucon, you can check out the Katsucon Cosplay Round Up by Bria at Tosche Station.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird Harley Quinn