[INSPO] The Wonderful World of Etsy

Scrolling through Etsy can be a dangerously time consuming process, but it often turns up some awesome geeky items!  The other day, I lost myself to the endless Etsy search (I think I was looking for Iron Man earrings originally?) and so I thought I’d share some of the neat items I found with all of you, in case anyone feels like treating themselves to combat the winter blues.  Just because the holidays and Valentine’s Day has passed doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself with something fun!

I also suggest checking out the rest of the Etsy store where these items are from.  Most of them have a really neat selection of other geeky items that you might like.



Kid Loki Fingerless Gloves
These are an adorable way to stay warm while still looking stylish.  Trickster tendencies not included…



Wonder Woman Eyeglass Case
Maybe you’re looking for a more casual way to show your geekdom AND a way to keep your glasses not broken?  I think Wonder Woman has you covered.



Iron Man Heels
They might be on the pricey side but wow are shoes created from old comics awesome!  If you’re the sort to wear fabulous shoes and are looking for someway to treat yourself then these just might do the trick.


X-Men Earrings
Everyone had to choose a side last summer between the Avengers and the X-men.  These are perfect if you backed Scott Summers.  The seller also has some Avengers earrings too!



Captain America Hat
Steve says “Keep your ears warm in winter, America!”



Avengers Apron
Who says you can’t be geeky, cook, and look adorable all at the same time?



Jayne Hat Bun Covers
These are a cute twist on the classic Jayne hat!



Targaryan Tote Bag
Season Three of Game of Thrones Is Coming so why not get ready not by showing your House pride?  Also available are bags for House Lannister and one of the direwolf Ghost.



Game of Thrones Wine Charms
Or maybe you’re having a premiere party for Season Three and want a way to decorate everyone’s wine glasses while keeping with the theme?



Casual Game of Thrones House Necklaces
How a fan with strong ties to a house more casually displays their loyalties…



House Stark Mug Cozy
We can all just agree that this is the best thing ever, right?



Iron Throne Earrings
These are bound to make people start humming the theme song everywhere you go.



Seneca Crane’s Beard Mug
This might be a close tie for the best thing ever.  They’ve written sonnets about his beard, that’s how much of a work of art it was.



Rue’s Lullaby Bracelet
If bracelets are more your thing, then there are definitely plenty of options out there.   For something simple, you might want to consider this pretty silver bracelet with the lyrics to Rue’s lullaby on it.



Hunger Games Charm Bracelet
For those who prefer something more flashy on their wrists, there’s this Hunger Games inspired charm bracelet.



Matching I Love You/I Know Bracelets
Can we just call these the cutest way to be geeky and couple-y without making others want to roll their eyes?  We can?  Oh good.



Minimalist Star Wars Posters
What better way to decorate your home than with cool Star Wars art?



Star Wars Comics Infinity Scarf
Basically, this is three of my favourite things all in one.  What’s not to love?