New York City Ballet: “Recreating a Tutu”

We’re veering away from the fashion side of things today to look at something a little more costume focused that still requires a lot of work and a very talented design eye.  I stumbled across this short documentary about the costume department of the New York City Ballet titled “Recreating a Tutu”.  As a former ballet dancer and a costumer who just finished work on a costume for Kraehe from Princess Tutu, I found it to be fascinating to watch and see how much meticulous work is put into each costume.  Plus, they give you an up close look into how they construct both the bodices and the actual tutus.  Honestly, I’m just in awe of all the work and detail that they put into these costumes especially since they have to remake them every 10 years!

You can watch the six minute documentary below.

New York City Ballet “Recreating a Tutu” from Galen Summer on Vimeo.