[INSPO] Fashion Finds for the Trendy Geek — Fearless Defenders

Fierce? Let’s talk fearless. In honour of Fearless Defenders being launched this week, we get our style inspo from the leading ladies: Misty Knight, Valkyrie, and Dani Moonstar. So armour up with metal accents, add a pop of red to your look, and fly that winged horse in style — there’s a world to save and you have all this asgardian kungfu just lying around.



Pegasus Wing Necklace  +  Asos Dress With Stud Shoulder  +  Chevron Cutout Arm Cuff 

Asos Hi-Lo Dress With Faux Leather Panel  +  Red Quilted Biker Jacket  +  Red Spiked Headband

Voltage Platform Booties  +  ODEUR Wing Tee  +  Blaque Market Leggings

We love leading ladies and we love valkyrior style — so check out Fearless Defenders at your local, or find it online at comixology! You can also check out our inspo outfits for Dani Moonstar and Misty Knight here, as part of our Marvel NOW! series.