Katsucon 2013: Cosplay Schedule

So we’re in the midst of gearing up for Katsucon, an anime convention in National Harbor, MD (February 15-17), and we’re pretty excited about all the new costumes we have planned! We’ll be milling about in the following, so if you see us, feel free to come up and say hello — we are totally full of friendly hellos.






Morning: Outer Senshi joined by our friends as Sailor Neptune, Sailor Moon, and Tuxedo Mask
Afternoon: teaming up as double Psylockes from Uncanny X-Force
Evening: going our separate ways! Bria in Star Wars, and Lin doing a Rinoa & Selphie duo from FF8

Morning: Lin and her Sheryl Nome will be doing the Sayonara no Tsubasa outfits; Bria will be doing a Mara Jade and Leia duo!
Afternoon: Bria joins a Princess Tutu group as Princess Kraehe
Evening: we’ll both be dancing the night away with our friends as a Dance Central group

Bria is the only one of us who will be costuming Sunday, so keep an eye out for her as Joan Watson (with a friend as Sherlock Holmes) from Elementary