[INSPO] Star Wars: What Would Alderaanians Wear?

Ever wonder what your favourite Star Wars characters might wear if they dressed in our planet’s high fashion looks?  Yeah, us too.  For this little miniseries, we’ve taken a prominent group in the Star Wars universe and looked through the Pre-Fall 2013 styles to see what those characters might wear.  Next up are the residents of the planet of Alderaan!

Despite being the homeworld of some of the Rebellion’s leaders, Alderaan was a peaceful planet and a beautiful one at that.  (Tarkin is the ACTUAL WORST for blowing it up.)  Unfortunately, we don’t get tons of examples of Alderaanian fashion in the films.  The most we get are Leia’s outfits in A New Hope and Bail Organa (and his staff) and Queen Breha in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.  Their outfits tend to be either fairly structured or more flowing.  (Compare Bail’s Senator jackets with Leia’s Senatorial dress to see what I mean.)  With this and a colour palette of greys, blues, and white in mind, I found a nice range of Pre-Fall looks that could easily appeal to the more stylish Alderaanians if they were on our planet.

We’ll start out with some more casual yet vaguely professional looks.  I hesitate to call some of this business casual, although this is Alderaan we’re talking about so this could potentially fly for them.  Check out these looks from Prabal Gurung, BCBG, and Misha Nonoo.

Alderaan Prabal Gurung PreFall2013 Look9 Alderaan BCBG PreFall2013 look2 Alderaan Misha Nonoo PreFall2013 Look3


Temperly London also puts forth a look that could fall into the Alderaanian business casual category, but the use of print makes it stand out from the other looks.  This is something that an Alderaanian who wants to dress more outside the norm, while still looking respectable, might add to their closet:


Alderaan Temperley London PreFall2013 Look22


If nothing else, Alderaanians, just like the Naboo, know how to dress up pretty snazzy when the time comes.  The scarf and soft colours of the first dress by Talbot Runhof could be a definite choice.  Peplums would likely be one trend that would catch on there, especially when combined with lace like in this second Reem Acra dress.  Add in this colour blocked and floral dress by Carolina Herrera and you’ve got a trio of dresses that can likely fit the dressy needs of most Alderaanian ladies.

Alderaan Talbot Runhof PreFall2013 Look30 Alderaan Reem Acra PreFall2013 Look11 Alderaan Carolina Herrera PreFall2013 Look18

Like I said before, Alderaanian style isn’t limited to just flow and ease.  It is equally influenced by structure.  The first grey jacket by Chado Ralph Rucci reads as a more feminine take on Bail Organa’s typical style, while the white Donna Karan suit is definitely right up Princess Leia’s alley.  I’m also going to pretend that it’s actually Winter and Tycho Celchu rocking these two looks from Burberry.  Sure the navy might be a bit darker than most of these other looks but the architectural feel to it is fabulous.  The dapper looking male model and suit is just a bonus.  And finally, this dress from Lela Rose has a neat enough feel to it, especially with the shoulders, that it easily appeals to even those who aren’t as fond of prints.

Alderaan Chado Ralph Rucci PreFall2013 Look9 Alderaan Donna Karan PreFall2013 Look4
Alderaan Burberry PreFall2013 Look29 Alderaan Lela Rose PreFall2013 Look2


Of course, not even Alderaanians can be formal all the time, but they still aim for stylish even with their casual looks.  Perhaps some of these offerings from Derek Lam, Rag & Bone, or Philosophy might hit their fancy.

Alderaan Derek Lam PreFall2013 Look5 Alderaan Rag&Bone PreFall2013 Look7  Alderaan Philosophy PreFall2013 Look12


Casual is all nice and good but nothing beats a healthy serving of glam.  If you’ve been following these posts, you know I can’t say no to gorgeous dresses as a grand finale so let’s start off with some Bottega Veneta and Carlos Miele:

Alderaan Bottega Veneta PreFall2013 Look42 Alderaan Carlos Miele PreFall2013 Look13


Aaaaand for the finale, how about a little Oscar de la Renta?

Alderaan Oscar De La Renta PreFall2013 Look49



Source: Style.com